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Home Insurance in Albertville and St. Michael, MN

Specialized Protection for Homeowners in Albertville and St. Michael, MN 

Home insurance is a common thing, but the right kind of home insurance is in fact uncommon.  Most people think of this type of insurance as ‘one-size-fits’ all, but it is not.  Home insurance is unique to each policyholder, is detailed, and contains a variety of coverages that are tailored to policyholders’ individual needs.  At Francis Beaudry Insurance we have an exhaustive and adaptable homeowners insurance program through which we deliver individually-tailored homeowners insurance packages.  We work with clients in great depth to ensure that these packages deliver the greatest value for the right prices, and we’re happy to do the same for you.  

Customized Coverages that fit your needs

Home insurance involves asset and liability protection of different kinds.  Specific coverages are needed to ensure full protection, and these coverages must be comprehensive.  The difference in price for comprehensive coverage as opposed to basic coverage is often nominal, and this is a great advantage for homeowners.  At Francis Beaudry we’ll make sure that you have the right solution for the best possible price and we will help you find this solution easily.  .

We’re an independent agency so we source coverages from different insurance carriers.  As a result, the coverage options we offer are flexible and affordable and can meet any of your needs.  Our coverage options include:

  • Property Insurance
  • Homeowners Liability
  • Renters Insurance
  • Condo Insurance
  • Mobile Home Insurance
  • Scheduled Property Insurance
  • Landlords Insurance
  • In-Home Business Insurance

You can take advantage of benefits and discounts by working with a licensed agent.  Our agents at Francis Beaudry are skilled at giving clients the best deals, which means that these agents proactively identify the best limits, rates, deductibles, and discounts for every client.  This saves clients money and time and ensures that clients make the best insurance investments..  

Finding the right Solution with Francis Beaudry

We value relationships as well as delivering the finest products.  This means that we support clients throughout the lives of policies, which helps keep coverages current, ensures advocacy in the events of filed claims, and reduces risks.  Ultimately, these efforts reduce clients’ costs and save clients time and effort. 

We’ve insured homeowners for decades and we know how to develop the right home insurance solutions.  We also know the needs of residents of East-central Minnesota and we understand the markets in this area as well.  Our knowledge and experience enable us to deliver the best solutions and to deliver these solutions quickly and efficiently.  We pride ourselves on this, as it makes the insurance-buying experience more pleasant for our clients.

If you would like to know more or speak with an agent, please contact us or give us a call.  You can also request a quote to start getting some of the details of a policy. 

Francis Beaudry Insurance is proud to provide home insurance in Albertville, St. Michael, Maple Grove, Monticello, Buffalo, and Rogers, MN.  We also serve other areas in the state.